About Us


We will make famous you, your name, your video, your profile. The whole world will know that you exist. Your ratings will hit the skies. Around us there are many people, and for everyone we can find viewer, fan or follower.

Best Social Media Promoters

Smmexchange is group of the professional specialists and developers in online marketing or SMM ( Social Media Marketing ). There is only few places, where you can find many different methods to become famous in social media world(YouTube, Twitter, VK, Odnoklassniki, Google+, SoundCloud and soon more ). Don't miss your chance to become famous with us.

Why Do We Do It

We love to help new businesses & individuals grow. Exspecially those who work hard and get hardly any results. People ask us all the time "Why buy FaceBook Likes", "Why buy Twitter Followers" , "Why buy Instagram Followers" & "Why buy YouTube Subscribers". Each and everytime we're asked we say the exact same thing;

People buy YouTube Subscribers, Twitter Followers, FaceBook Likes, YouTube Video Views etc. for one reason and one reason only - exposure. Social Networks are too big for new talaneted people trying to push trough the tiny cracks to "The Unknown". We first started our professional services for free to help our friends and there friends and so on out. The demand gotten bigger and bigger so we decided to turn our professional services into an Online Business to help people just like you World-Wide get the exposure you deserve!